Sometimes my process fails. I work and play with different objects and materials to see if I can find something.

hexagon03This hexagon has a covering made from a dark piece of worn paper. The details cannot be seen in the photograph.

Recently I read a quote from Annie Dillard in Holy the Firm. It goes something like this: “an artist lives jammed in the pool of materials.”

hexagon04This piece reminds me of some muslim decorations. It is simply made from tape.

hexagon02a hexagon02bThese photos are of the same piece. I let the text of a page flow from one side to the next.

My materials vary, I am constantly exploring, but occasionally I hit upon something that resonates.

This final hexagon requires more attention. There is something here for me to start exploring.

hexagon01This final piece is two pieces of broken stone locked inside the hexagon by two thin pieces of mulberry paper.