Greg is an interdisciplinary artist who has been working since 2009. He received his MFA from Tufts University in conjunction with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2014. Originally from California he works in Boston and the New England area while exhibiting his work around the world.

Artist Statement:

I am an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video, sculpture and performance. My work revolves around the incongruities of the physical and the metaphysical. Like Kierkegaard, I am interested in the absurdity of faith. I agree with Thoreau when he wrote, “Decayed literature makes the richest of soil,” and draw much of my inspiration from writers of the past.

I use a variety of materials in a process that can only be described as tinkering. I make very intuitive decisions in the studio that explore the limitations of materials while seeking a new voice in them. Like the man in Annie Dillard’s essay, I try to teach stones to talk.

The work is often ephemeral or process driven which allows me to rely on documentation in order that the work is given a context. I think of the documentation as a method of creating a new situation. I use documentation to create new situations to contemplate.

I am a reader who does not know how to write.